Anansi, the spider from Ghana (Africa) and Tomte, the gnome from Sweden (Europe), both have different backgrounds and different characters. We, “Anansi & Tomte”, brought them together and this has led to something beautiful. Not only is there a close friendship between them, but they have also created an unique assortment of products and services!


Anansi & Tomte love sustainable, fair and multicultural products. Whether it’s the products they play with, make things, bring atmosphere to their homes, take care of themselves or cook. They find it important that products are not (unnecessary) taxing the environment, that the manufacturer of the product gets a fair chance and that the different cultures and people who lives in our world are expressed in the different products.

Anansi & Tomte have made a nice assortment of products based on this. Get inspired!

Anansi & Tomte,